Trucker Who Failed to Put on Brake, Allowing Truck to Roll and Cause Fatal Accident, Pleads Guilty to Criminal Charges

parked truckThere is an expression to the effect that “justice is blind,” meaning that the same rules apply to everyone, regardless of the relative wealth, power, or identity of those involved. Thus, it would seem that there would be a predictable outcome to the various situations that result in litigation.

When you handle truck accident cases with regularity, however, you discover that each case is unique, and each presents its own set of challenges, arguments, and issues. Granted, there’s usually a trucker or trucking company who could have prevented a crash by acting with the requisite level of care, but there seems to be an endless number of ways in which truck drivers and trucking outfits can hurt innocent people by their negligence.

A Tragic Truck Accident Takes a Young Mother’s Life

Take, for example, a 2015 truck accident case that happened in Georgia. A young family’s car was pinned to a guard rail after a tractor-trailer rolled and crashed into the family’s car. The mother, who had two young children and was a missionary in Italy, died in the accident. Why did it happen? Because a trucker who had reportedly been “behaving erratically” just before the accident failed to put on the truck’s brake while making a safety inspection when the truck was parked outside a chemical plant.

The truck driver recently pleaded guilty to criminal charges of vehicular homicide and involuntary manslaughter for his part in the woman’s death. According to news reports, police believed him to be under the influence of a “mind-altering substance” at the time of the accident. He has admitted to making a mistake that led to a “very terrible accident” and will serve at least 10 years of a 30-year prison sentence for his actions.

The news report did not indicate whether there was a civil action between the woman’s family and the trucker or his employer. Typically, criminal cases do not provide any type of compensation, other than perhaps an order to make restitution to the victim, which may or may not happen if the defendant is incarcerated. In order to recover compensatory damages for personal injuries or a loved one’s wrongful death, a civil lawsuit is usually necessary.

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In most big truck accidents, a considerable amount of money is at stake, so the trucking outfits and their insurance companies fight hard against a finding of liability. If you or a family member has been hurt due in a wreck involving a semi-truck, 18-wheeler, or big rig, you need an assertive, experienced litigation professional standing up for your legal rights. To schedule a free consultation with a North Carolina truck accident attorney with 20 years in the legal field – and experience as both a plaintiff’s attorney and an insurance company lawyer – call Nagle & Associates at (800) 411-1583. There is no charge for the office visit to get your case started, and legal fees are not owed unless your case settles or a judgment is entered in your favor.

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