Bad Weather and Multiple Fatal Truck Accidents Close Interstate 95 in North Carolina

police carOctober has been an especially bad month for those traveling along North Carolina’s roadways. First, several major highways in the eastern portion of the state were affected by Hurricane Matthew. Flooding, storm surge, and levee issues left many roads impassable, stranding motorists and local residents caught in the storm’s path.

Then, just as things seemed to be getting somewhat back to normal when Interstate I-95 finally reopened in both directions, a series of collisions forced authorities to shut down several miles of that highway once again. According to a trucking industry website, at least some of the accidents that closed the interstate involved large commercial trucks.

Hazardous Cargo Crash Forces Evacuation

According to the website, one of the 18-wheeler wrecks involved hazardous cargo. That collision reportedly caused an explosion and fire that damaged the roadway. Because of potential danger from the fumes of the cargo (referred to by officials as an “acidic substance” or “toxic chemicals”) that burned for several hours, residents who lived within two miles of the wreck were evacuated.

Earlier, another tractor-trailer accident occurred on I-95 when a truck went off the road into the tree line. The driver of that truck was injured, and a helicopter landed nearby to transport him to the hospital. The crash that caused the “chemical-fueled fire” that burned a hole in the interstate apparently happened while traffic was slowed due to the first crash. The “solid corrosive material” that the semi-truck was carrying was ignited when the truck was struck in the rear by a recreational vehicle. The RV driver was killed in the accident.

A Third Accident Later the Same Day

A third wreck happened on I-95 later the same day when another tractor-trailer slammed into a different recreational vehicle. Before that accident was over, a total of three trucks, the RV, and a passenger car were involved, at least two people were killed, and several others were seriously injured. Two of those killed were musicians traveling in the RV. They had played a show in Charleston, South Carolina, and were headed north.

The driver of the big rig that struck the RV has been charged with two counts of misdemeanor death by motor vehicle. In order for the trucker to be convicted, the State of North Carolina will have to prove that he unintentionally caused the death of another person or other persons while violating a state law or local ordinance applying to the operation or use of a vehicle (or to the regulation of traffic) and that his commission of the offense was the proximate cause of the victim’s or victims’ death(s).

If You Have Questions Concerning a North Carolina Truck Accident

As these accidents prove, a life can be taken or forever altered in just a few seconds. Staggering medical expenses and financial devastation can result. To talk to an experienced North Carolina truck accident attorney, call Nagle & Associates at (800) 411-1583. We serve clients statewide and offer a free consultation. Do not delay in seeking legal counsel if you have been hurt or lost a family member in a truck accident. It is very important that evidence is properly preserved following a crash and that all procedural deadlines are met. Failing to take action in a timely fashion can greatly reduce the value of a claim or even result in the dismissal of the plaintiff’s case on statute of limitations grounds.

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