Speeding is All Too Often a Factor in Serious Injury and Fatal Big Truck Wrecks in North Carolina


Speeding – whether it takes the form of violating the posted limit, driving too safely for the conditions, or even drag racing – is one of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents in North Carolina and across the nation.  According to government estimates, accidents related to speeding have an economic cost in the tens of billions of dollars.

While it’s never a good idea to speed, this is especially true when it comes to tractor trailers. An average semi-truck can have a length in excess of 50 feet and a weight in the neighborhood of 80,000 pounds. It’s difficult enough to stop something that large under ideal conditions, even more so when the operator is traveling too fast.

Tanker Truck Accident in North Carolina

Unfortunately, a truck driver traveling through Greenville, North Carolina, recently ignored the obvious and crashed as a result. According to a news report, the operator of a 7,000-gallon diesel tanker truck “was coming around the curb too fast,” causing the tanker to go off the road. This, in turn, caused the truck portion of the rig to also leave the road, go into a ditch, and overturn.

The driver was reportedly charged with exceeding a safe speed. Although no other vehicles were involved in the collision, a fuel spill from the tanker required that the road be shut down for a time.

Other Truck Accidents in Which Speed Was a Factor

Another report indicates that a speeding truck driver was to blame for a wreck in Virginia that seriously injured at least one person. That driver, a 25-year-old man from Las Vegas, has since been charged with reckless driving. According to the news source, authorities have said that the trucker’s inattentiveness, as well as his “excessive speeding,” resulted in the truck running off the side of the highway, hitting a guardrail, and overturning. Witnesses reported that a smaller vehicle was caught underneath the trailer during the accident.

In Rhode Island, authorities are investigating whether speed may have been a factor in a multi-vehicle accident in which a box truck, a tow truck, and a sedan were involved in a series of rear-end crashes. One of the truckers was killed, and the sedan driver suffered life-threatening injuries, according to a report. The crash was rather unique in that, because of the flat front of the box truck, the front of that truck collided with a vehicle that was on top of the tow truck, pinning the driver of the box truck from the waist down.

Has Your Family Been Affected by a Speeding Trucker?

Experienced North Carolina truck accident attorney Carl Nagle at Nagle & Associates works hard to protect the rights of families whose lives have been forever changed by a truck driver’s decision to exceed the speed limit or engage in another act of negligence. To talk to Attorney Nagle about filing a claim in your truck crash case, call (800) 411-1583 and ask for a free case evaluation. We serve clients throughout the state of North Carolina.

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