Recent North Carolina Truck Accident Leaves Local Residents with Many “What-If” Questions

question markWith several busy interstates (I-40, I-73, I-85, and I-840) running through the town of Greensboro, North Carolina, residents are all too aware of the many dangers associated with big trucks and tractor-trailer traffic in general.

However, a recent accident in a residential area along U.S. 29 left many locals shaking their heads and wondering “what if.”

The wreck reportedly happened when a trucker lost control of his rig as he was traveling down what local police call “a more dangerous stretch” of U.S. 29, where several other accidents have happened in recent years. Local media reports indicate that, after leaving the road, the truck hit a guardrail, an automobile, a house, and a shed before finally coming to a stop.

The trucker suffered minor injuries and was cited with failure to maintain his lane. Local police have indicated that fatigue was a likely factor in the crash.

What if Someone Had Been Home?

Miraculously, no one else was hurt in the accident. As it happened, the house that the truck traveled through before striking the shed was unoccupied at the time of the crash. This, of course, begs the question, “what if someone had been home?” It’s terrifying to even consider what might have happened if a homeowner had been present in the residence when the truck came through.

What if the Truck Had Taken a Different Path?

Neighbors were quoted as being concerned about their own safety if the truck had taken a different path. A slightly different angle could easily have put truck on a different trajectory – and straight through the area of a nearby home where neighbors were located at the time of the wreck.

What if Someone Had Been in the Car?

After leaving the road and hitting the guardrail, the truck first struck a parked car. Fortunately, no one was inside the vehicle at the time, but what if someone was behind the wheel? What if a family was in the car, getting ready to leave for work or school?

There are many, many “what-if’s” in this case – and in other cases in which disaster is just barely averted. The only thing that can be said with certainty is that, when a trucker or trucking company’s negligence causes injuries or a wrongful death, those directly affected by the accident have a right to seek fair compensation in a court of law. The amount of money damages available varies from case to case but typically includes payment of medical expenses and lost wages, as well as compensation for pain and suffering and other non-economic damages. Sometimes, punitive damages are also a possibility.

What if You Have a Question About a North Carolina Truck Accident Case?

If you or a loved one has been adversely affected by the careless or reckless behavior of a truck driver or commercial trucking outfit, Nagle & Associates can help. To schedule a consultation to discuss your North Carolina truck wreck case, call us at 800-411-1583. There is no charge for the call or the consultation, so there is no reason to delay getting the legal advice that you need in order to seek maximum compensation.

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