North Carolina Truck Driver Involved in Multi-Fatality Accident Near Work Zone

car accidentAccording to a news article out of Leavenworth County, Kansas, a truck driver from Asheville, North Carolina, was involved in what local officials called a “horrific accident” near a work zone earlier this month.

The multiple fatality truck accident was so bad that the county’s emergency management director reportedly called it “one of the worst he has ever seen.” In all, five people were killed in the series of collisions.

Two Trucks, Several Smaller Vehicles Involved in Crash

The report indicated that several vehicles were traveling along Interstate 70 when a semi-truck first struck one passenger vehicle and then struck another. The second vehicle was pushed into a guardrail and then into a ditch. The first semi continued on, hitting another car and pushing it into the back of a second big rig (driven by the North Carolina man). Then, the first truck hit the trailer of the second truck, which in turn hit yet another car.

Both of the trucks caught fire and could be seen burning all the way into town. Some 35 firefighters responded to the scene. They got the fire under control, but it burned for several more hours, closing the interstate in both directions.

The drivers of the first three vehicles (as well as two passengers) died in the accident. Neither the North Carolina trucker nor the driver of the vehicle that his truck struck was reportedly injured.

Cause of Crash Under Investigation

Local officials stated that the investigation of the accident was ongoing and would likely take several months to complete. The news report did not say whether any citations were issued at the scene, but it did mention that a construction-related traffic slowdown may have been a factor.

Work zone traffic accidents are, unfortunately, very common. The United States Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration estimates the number of accidents in such areas in the tens of thousands annually.

In fact, the administration estimates that a work zone crash occurs about every five minutes across the country. While most of these wrecks involve only property damage, about one in four causes an injury or fatality. Not surprisingly, a substantial percentage of fatal work zone accidents are rear-end collisions similar to the one detailed above. According to the administration, 85% of those killed in these types of accidents are drivers and passengers in cars – rather than truckers.

Other crash factors may include speeding, the use of drugs or alcohol, or distracted driving. Work zone accidents are more likely to occur during the daytime and in the middle of the week – construction often halts at night or over the weekend, after all.

Experienced Legal Representation in a North Carolina Truck Accident

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