Investigating the Cause of a North Carolina Truck Crash

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When a North Carolina truck accident causes a loss of life or serious injuries, litigation often results. Sometimes, it is clear how the accident happened and who was at fault. In such cases, the primary argument is not liability but instead how much compensation is due the victims.

Other times, however, the cause of the crash is less obvious, leading to speculation, disagreement, and a hard-fought battle in the courtroom to determine who should pay. In cases in which liability is contested, considerable weight is often given to the testimony of eyewitnesses, first responders, and accident reconstruction experts.

The process of investigating the cause of an accident can be a lengthy endeavor. (This is one of the many reasons that it is wise to contact an attorney as soon as possible after being involved in an accident, especially a semi-truck wreck.)

Fatal Crash on Mountain Road Causes Questions as to Fault

Take for example a recent crash that occurred on a mountain road in North Carolina. According to a news report, a dump truck was traveling along the road when it “veered left of center” and rolled onto its side, striking an oncoming vehicle. The truck driver and a passenger in the vehicle were killed in the accident, and the driver of the car sustained serious injuries.

As is so often the case today, the news report spawned a series of comments from readers. Most of these comments centered around the cause of the accident. Bad brakes? Tire blow-out? Excessive speed? Simply the dangerous nature of the road itself?

In the short term, it might not seem to matter what happened or who was at fault. Two people are dead, and another was badly hurt. In the long run, however, the cause of the crash could be very important – and not just to the families of those involved.

Why – and How – Are Disputes Involving Liability Resolved?

Information gleaned from truck accident investigations can lead to changes in the way a trucking company does business in the future, the way that commercial vehicles are manufactured, and even possible alterations of a highway’s design or course. The outcome of a liability dispute in a fatal accident can also affect the financial future of the victim’s family, especially when a primary household breadwinner is killed. Even medical providers who furnished care to the victims have a stake in the outcome of such a case.

Investigating a big rig crash is a formidable task. First, the scene must be combed for evidence like accident debris, skid marks, stains from fluids, and so forth. The vehicles must also be inspected, not only for physical damage but also to retrieve event data recorders (aka the “black box”). The parties’ medical records will also be reviewed to determine what victims reported as the cause of their injuries as well as whether anyone involved had drugs or alcohol in their systems when the collision occurred.

The truck driver’s driving history will also be investigated, as will certain of the trucking company’s files. Previous accidents or citations can be important, as can records pertaining to the driver’s hours on the road, rest breaks, and time between shifts.

North Carolina Truck Accident Attorney Serving Victims Statewide

The insurance companies that cover truckers and trucking companies act very quickly when they learn an accident has happened. They often have investigators at the scene within a matter of hours, whereas it may be weeks or months before an injured motorist even speaks to a lawyer about the wreck. This can put the injured person at a substantial disadvantage. To schedule an appointment to discuss your North Carolina truck accident or wrongful death case with an experienced attorney, call Nagle & Associates at 800-411-1583. There is no charge for the call or the consultation, so do not wait another minute to seek legal counsel.

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